Forgotten Paws Animal Rescue

Our Pups that need Your Homes....

If you are interested in adopting or fostering any of our pups, please email or go to our applications tab and submit the appropriate form. . .

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at




Come visit the puppies at our event. On our event page it will indicate where they will be.  The puppies are poodle blends. Mom is a pure breed poodle.


Email specific questions to



JOSIE....One of the cutest and funnest pups we have had for a while...She is a dream pup. One year old and about 13 pounds she loves everyone!!!  ADOPTED!!!





 GINGER...Curious, happy and just very cute...A very sweet young lady Ginger loves to be with her people. She does just fine with other pets as well. Ginger is only about 9 pounds max and 2 years old.







TANYA is a gorgeous young lady about 2 years old and only 8 pounds. She loves her people and other pets



 We were vary happy to help a family having a horrible time by taking in their pup and getting her a great home. LuLu is a 3 year old PomChi. She is about 9 pounds and just the sweetest girl ever. She is housetrained, gets along with our other pups and all ages of people. Please come visit her at our events. All the details are on our website ADOPTED!!!



 SUKI is our little TerriChi young lady..maybe a year old and just a snuggle-bug!! She is a great smart pup and learning basic commands is easy for her. Suki loves other pets and people too. She is full grown at about 6 pounds..Please come visit Suki at our adoption event on Saturday. ADOPTED!!!



Good day...My name is  MARNIE and I would love to show you how sweet and beautiful I am. I am about 2 years old and 8 pounds. I am very smart, calm and just love everyone. 





 Wee little Noelle is only 4 pounds and just wants to cuddle on your lap. She loves to be carried around but she does have legs so she also can walk on a leash!!!



PHOEBE is another great Chiweenie. She is about 7 pounds and 2 years old.  She is doing great at a foster with other pets and lots of people. Another one of those beauties that does her own eyeliner!!!   ADOPTED!!



Leena is a 2 year old chihuahua. She is a very sweet little girl who loves to snuggle in warm laps. Leena also loves to play with her foster friends Zoie and Lillian!! She gets along with all pets and people. ADOPTED!!!!



 Princess Gracie.... Happy Happy Happy...and very bright....just a few words to describe out new addition ...What a lovely young lady and just a joy to be with. She loves her fellow pets and us humans too...we have better laps...Princess is about 2 years young and 7 pounds...a real pleasure to be with. ADOPTION PENDING!!!



 Sandy's Puppies.....Bonnie and Clyde are Terrier Chi blend puppies. They are now available for adoption. They are scheduled to make their debut at our Bressi Ranch Event 3/28.  Questions can be sent to





Farrah and her trilogy of cuteness!!!! These Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua mixes are soon available for adoption. The best of both worlds in one little wonderful package.  We are accepting application and inquiries through our website. email with questions.



Can they get any cuter??? We do not think so...Sybil is an adorable little Terri Chi. She is 3 years old and almost 5 pounds. Sybil loves her roommates and snuggles with her people. Who could ask for more perfect!!!  Please come and visit her at our event. All the details are on our website  ADOPTED!!!




 RUBY....Our new little lady Ruby is only 3 years old and only 6 pounds. She is sweet, quiet and loves to cuddle. She gets along with our other pups, people and pays no attention to the cats. ADOPTED!!!




 SUZI...Suzi is a sweet 2 year old young lady. She is 8 pounds and very mellow. Suzi gets along with her doggy friends, cats, kids and people.




Mr. WALDO is a very handsome man. He is about 9 pounds and only around 2 years old. He is a lover, gentle and very well behaved. Waldo loves his pet buddies and your lap!!!  ADOPTED!!!



 Lady MILLIE is a beautiful and regal 9 pound 2 year old young lady. She too is very well behaved, gentle and sweet..She love Waldo too as well as other pets and all kinds of people.   ADOPTED!!!








FRECKLES can be seen in all her loveliness at our events on Saturday. she is a beautiful young lady and very well behaved. Adoption  Pending!!



Dear gentle Sally Sue
All ready to be delivered to you
Sally is calm
And Sally is sweet
And Sally hardly even makes a peep.

At a mere 2 years
and a handy 8 pounds
Sally is as young and as small as she sounds.

Sally loves to sit on laps
And Sally loves my recliner
Sally gets along with everyone
Even the cat sneaking up behind her.






 Jessie...And yes Jessie has his girl. She is Sabrina...His teenage love!! Jessie is a wee Napoleon and a great lover of all. He is 3 year young and a mere 4 pounds. Jessie is very playful and also loves a lap or two. ADOPTED!!!



Wink Wink..My name is ELLA and believe it or not I am only 4 pounds!!! I am 2 years old and a good fun loving girl. I love to play or snuggle with my people and pet friends. ADOPTED!!!








OMG The neatest doggy ever!! PATCHES is a lover!!! He is quiet, well behaved and a snuggler...and a tiny 6 pounds.