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Our Pups that need Your Homes....

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Star is a 2 year old blend of Papillon and Pomeranian. She’s a very happy, playful pup and very curious about everything. Her beautiful coloring and long soft coat set her apart from the pack. She gets along great with children and finds that they are the most fun. All that running and jumping is just the thing for her.




Pinky is a 2 year old chihuahua blend. She is a very sweet little girl who loves to snuggle in warm laps. She could stand to put on a pound or two and we’re sure that with the right love’n she will simply blossom. ADOPTED!!!



Mina is a 2 year old Dachshund / Manchester Terrier blend. She is a very funny, happy pup. Her antics will keep you entertained for hours! Her playfulness will help to keep both you and her fit as fiddles. When she goes for walks or to the dog park, she just sparkles with her love of life. ADOPTED!!





 BRANDI.............3 year old Chiweenie...What a very sweet and bright young lady. Brandi fits in anywhere...loves car rides, people of all ages and other pets too.




JOSIE.................1 year old Chiweenie...what a baby doll...Doxie Chi mix and just a sweetheart. Josie loves to play with other pets and does great with other people.




 Our little Duke Kahanamoku!! Dukie for short is a 5 pound 10 year young fun little man. He too is very well housetrained and a delight to have around. He is no needy so you can spend time with him but he is not upset if you can't. He loves his outside sun and his doggy bed. Please consider giving Dukie a forever home for is many remaining years. He is healthy and happy...






Sidney is a wonderful little gentleman...and very well housetrained like most pups of middle aged status!!! He love the sun and his doggy bed. He has no problems with other pets and is not a needy guy. If you have time for him great or if you need to do something he is just fine on his own. He is quiet and unobtrusive...Please consider adding Sidney to your family...He is healthy and deserves a home for the many more years he has!!!!



DOLLY...JUST TOO STINKING CUTE!!! Dolly is about 8 years old and just a love...Total personality..Dolly is healthy and getting a dental just to make her the perfect new pup in your home. She will be hard to part with but it is what we do...






I'm CHESTER....All ears and cheers....I'm a doll!! I love people and other pets. I am fun and certainly lovable. I am very well mannered, only 1 year and a half and about 5 pounds...




Such a sweet young lady at only 2 and about 8 pounds Maddie is a great pup. She loves other pets and all kinds of people. She is well behaved and easy to please.




Happy Happy Happy...just a few words to describe out new addition Katy...What a lovely young lady and just a joy to be with. She loves her fellow pets and us humans too...we have better laps...Katy is about 2 years young and 8 pounds...a real pleasure to be with.




 Zoie is a wonderful 9 month old pup. She is bright, vibrant and such a happy little soul. She does quite well with other pets and all people. Zoie is doing great with her basic commands and is crate trained. Please consider adding Zoie to your family...She will be at our adoption event so please check website for location.




 Wee little Mini is only a 5 pound 1 year old pure doll of a Chihuahua. She loves people and other pets. Mini can spend her day on your lap or entertaining herself. she has a beautiful glossy black coat and hypoallergenic.




 Giselle....a very sweet 3 year old Toy Poodle..only 7 pounds. She looks even more gorgeous in person so please come visit her at one of our adoption event. She has just been groomed, spayed and ready to go. She does fine with other pets and people and is very quiet. And can just as well go for long walks on the beach just with her human companion...ADOPTED!!!




 Clara Bow...Just a delicate little wisp of a girl!! She is sweet, loving and a nice quiet pup. Clara is only about 6 years young and 5 pounds...Just a doll...She does fine with other pets or just your very own lap companion..



Tippy came to us just recently and already she is probably a foster failure. ADOPTED!!!! WE LOVE FOSTER FAILURES TOO!!





Livy seems to be a Maltese blend, 1 year old and 10 pounds. She was a matted mess when we were asked to help find her a home but some wonderful people came to her rescue and got her all shaved down...Her beautiful fur is already growing back and it is a very unique silver coloring. Livy is a bit shy at first but she warms up to be a calm sweet young lady.





Angel............Is a Terrier, one year old, 10 pounds max and a sweet young lady. She loves her puppy friends and loves her foster people too. Angel is mellow but does like to play a bit if you want. She is not a needy dog at all.






 GYPSY...A wonderful young lady. She has so much personality. Gypsy is a beautiful Corgi/Chi blend. She is about 3 years old and should weigh about 8 pounds..just a bit chunky right now! Her favorite place is on a pillow in the sun or on a lap getting belly rubs. She does fine alone or with other pets. And she has the cutest little Cori waddle too!!!!!



Camille "Cammie" is an 8 year old very small 3.5 pound tea cup pure bred double coat Pommie. Yes she was bred for her size and sadly the breeder did not take care of her well so although she is healthy she has very few teeth. She can eat just find and has nice energy level. We don't understand how some breeders that say they love their puppy moms but don't care for them. We are very honored to have her with us and find her the perfect home. Adoption Pending



SOPHIE!!! Only 7 years young...not even half her lifespan... and a wonderful personality awaits anyone who adds Sophie into their home and family. She is a perfect delight and very healthy...maybe a pound too healthy ;-) But she will not let you down. She gets along with all other pets and people. An adorable Chiweenie-Rat Terrier!!!




Marilyn is a nice sweet 4 year old lap pup. She does great with other pets and people but does like her people best!  Marilyn is about 6 pound, very nice thick sable coat that is easy to brush once a week to keep her soft and smooth. Is she sticking her tongue out at our photographer?? cutie!!!!
And now we notice she loves toys!!




 ROSIE............A very wise face on a young lady. She is truly a nice loving dog. Rosie does like to sit with her peeps and enjoy TV time. She sleeps beside your pillow and never moves all night. Rosie does fine with other pets and people and is crate trained. ADOPTION PENDING!!!