Forgotten Paws Animal Rescue

Our Pups that need Your Homes.... 




 Amelia..our co-pilot where we take her. She is a fun dog, plays well with others and of course loves her people too. Amelia is about 8 pounds and over a year old. She is doing very well with her command training. name is Terri and I am the cutest pup ever...I know other say that too but I really am! I am a Terripoo about 5 years old and about 5 pounds. My foster mom calls me Minka...a very special name...She says I am the perfect little girl; I am quiet, well behaved and very smart. I like to be with my people on a lap but I do just fine with other pets.



Lollipop is about 2 years old and a beautiful buff colored Pommie. She is great with other pets and all people. Lolli is very mellow and a happy calm doggy.




I am such a happy boy! I love life and I love kids and I even love the cat!!! Please give me a nice warm bed to call my own and I will share it with anyone!!! I am a nice boy and I have learned my manners. I like my crate as my little retreat. I am a very good boy!!! Please love me.





 TREVOR....What his foster has to say;

Trevor is a lovely dog.  He is extremely friendly and shows you with his tail wagging so much that he almost falls over!  He loves meeting new people and runs to greet them at the door.  He was a foster in my home with my 2 children as well as 12 daily home daycare children.  He would greet them with his wagging tail at the door and then follow them around, sometimes enjoying being petted by them, and sometimes just lying down and watching them playing.  He also enjoyed running in the yard with the children.  When they went out for a walk he would stay back with me while I tidied up and then we would go out for a walk together and he would get so excited when we found the daycare children.

He loves going for walks.  You just have to pick up his leash and he will jump off the couch and stand wagging his tail in front of you.

He is also a couch potato.  He loves sitting on the couch - the best place is on the back but he also enjoys sitting next to you and cuddling if you are watching TV.




AMY..........1 YEAR OLD BABYDOLL She is gentle, loving and after being a bit shy she warms up and is..well...a doll!!!




GRACIE...A PURE STUNNER!!! 4 month old Doxie blend...merle coloring complete with the blue eye slivers!!!
ADOPTED!! a 2 year old Doxie Something blend...we are watching and seeing what traits she has but she is quiet, friendly and mellow. Better pics soon as we are off the the vet for her evaluation and spay if ok...



 FRECKLES...What can we say.....She was our baby momma and now deserves her own home as she is still a baby herself at only 3 years old. She is fun, bright and likes her pals. She does very well with other pets and all sizes of people...



DOLLY...JUST TOO STINKING CUTE!!! Dolly is about 8 years old and just a love...Total personality..Dolly is healthy and getting a dental just to make her the perfect new pup in your home. She will be hard to part with but it is what we do...



Mouse  is 4 years old and about 6 lbs. Mouse has had a hard time of it and is learning how to trust again. She is loving and wants to please but maybe not the perfect pet yet..But we know she wants to be and in the right caring, relaxed and understanding environment she will blossom and become what she once was as a puppy..A loving little girl comfortable with all kinds of people and pets.





Jenny (Justine) is a vivacious five year old tan female Basenji-Italian Greyhound blend who was abandoned because her former owners moved and made no provision for her. Weighing eight pounds, this vibrant dog struts nicely on leash and we think she is housebroken. She has a bubbly personality, gets along fine with dogs of all sizes and we believe she will do great with children. Jenny has a huge glowing personality and will make a terrific walking companion and tremendous indoor pet and lapdog for anyone in any living situation - and we think she would be the perfect pet for a senior citizen.



SOPHIE!!! Only 7 years young...not even half her lifespan... and a wonderful personality awaits anyone who adds Sophie into their home and family. She is a perfect delight and very healthy...maybe a pound too healthy ;-) But she will not let you down. She gets along with all other pets and people. An adorable Chiweenie-Rat Terrier!!!





Ally came to us to find a new forever home through a connection from one of our wonderful fosters. She is about 3-4 years old and very small. Ally is a bit shy at first but warms up and is a lovely little pal for any mellow family or adult household. Ally will be available soon so continue to check out our website for dates. Here are a few after and before photos....




Tina Louise...Am I not just a stunning beauty?? I am only about 2 years old. I am shy at first but I warm up and then love to sit and be with my people. I am a very unusually beautiful Corgi Doxie blend



Our new crop of Spring Fling puppies is now all ripe for the picking. They are blossoming very nicely. Peaches, Cream, Oreo, and Casey Jr are Chiweenie kids. These are newborn puppies...they get along with everything!!!




Marilyn is a nice sweet 4 year old lap pup. She does great with other pets and people but does like her people best!  Marilyn is about 6 pound, very nice sable thick coat that is easy to brush once a week to keep her soft and smooth. Is she sticking her tongue out at our photographer?? cutie!!!!
And now we notice she loves toys!!






Both are around 5-6 years old and were used by a breeder for stud breeding. So they are fabulous pups but were not well cared for..Can you believe people would not love their Pommies!!! Now they are stunning boys, nice, calm and quiet. We had them all cleaned up and now they want and deserve a real home.

Cody Adopted





Gigi....lovely little lady..5-6 years young. Just a love, quiet, calm and very well behaved. And her fur will grow back but she had to be shaved to get all the mats out..poor dear!! Poodle girl Gigi is looking for just the right lap to call her own. She does well with other pets and people as well as an only child.



Well am I not just the cutest Pommie ever!!! My name is Heather and I am about 3 years old and 5 pounds maybe!!! I do very nicely with other pet and people. I am looking for the perfect lap to call my own. Are you it??



CARLY...................stunning Brindle with blue eyes.
Carly is only about 3 years old and just a sweetheart. She does very well with other pets and all ages of people. Carly would be a great addition to any family. She is a great small size for home and big enough for play on the beach and hiking. Please consider Carly for you home!!!




 Cheri..2 year old beautiful Blue PomChi.She does wonderful with other pets and loves people. She is bright and well behaved. 




Layla is 3 years old and a beautiful buff colored Pommie. she is great with other pets and all people. Layla loves life and always has a big smile on her face.



 Flower....a a Doxie blend. she is about 3 years young, smart and very sweet. she loves her people and does well with other pets. ADOPTED




Dalia is a gorgeous young PomChi. Just over a year old and loves to be with her people. She does get along just fine with other pets and people.




 Remy... 3 year old happy happy pup. Loves to play fetch and actually returns her toy!!! Remy gets along with all her people and pet friends a her foster home.



Cruiser.......THIS IS THE PERFECT DOG!!!!
Our Cruiser is a nice little man. He is playful and well behaved and just loves everybody!!! At only a year young and about 9 pounds he is perfect for the kids...big enough to play at the beach and go hiking and still small enough to curl up and sleep with his best new buddy..ADOPTION PENDING





I'm CHESTER....All ears and cheers....I'm a doll!! I love people and other pets. I am fun and certainly lovable. I am very well mannered, only 1 year and a half and about 5 pounds...