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Our Pups that need Your Homes....

If you are interested in adopting or fostering any of our pups, please email or go to our applications tab and submit the appropriate form. . .

And check back frequently as we are always adding new pups!!!
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at


 Lovee....Soulful sweet young lady of only about 4 years and 9 pounds Lovee likes to watch TV, short walks in the park and a rather quiet life!!  Sounds like a dream...and Lovee is all ready to share it with you.  Lovee will be at our 4S Ranch event 



Minnie....4 years young and 4 pounds...Just a doll and happiest pup ever,,,Loves everyone!!! ADOPTED!!!




Franny is an adorable little lady. Calm, well behaved and another perfect lap companion. She is about 5 years old and in great health...Just a young adult in doggy years!!! Franny will be at the Bressi Ranch event. All the details on the website  





Lil Deb...the sweetest 5 year young and 5 pound little munchkin ever...The perfect lap dog and totally house trained...even knows the doggy door!!! All the details on the event tab. Lil Deb will be at the Bressi Ranch event.






Taffy...........a stunning sweet young lady of about 2. She has blossomed into a wonderful funny and playful pup. She is not high energy and loves to warm up to you!!! She does great with other pups too. 



 BABY Girl!!!

Arrived..This stunning Chiweenie is about 8 months old and all set for a real life. She is about 8 pounds and will stay around that weight. She is happy, calm and a joy to be with. ADOPTED!!!




 Auntie Milly....sister of Beatrix so aunt of Baby Ginny...2 years old and about 8 pounds of chocolate delight!! Millie and Beatrix will be at our 4S Ranch event. She is a must see for sure! 





 Mia....4 pounds and maybe 4 years young. Lovely, sweet well behaved and very quiet!!  Miss Mia will be at our Bressi Ranch adoption event. All the details are on the event tab.




 "Nope....I am not dropping this chalupa!!!"

4 pounds 4 years and just a funny little boy..DEXTER would love to be your new best buddy!!! Come visit him at our adoption event. Dexter will be at our Bressi Ranch event.









Cha Cha Charlie




 Momma Mabel....teacup Min Pin

 Mamma Macy Gray....Chiweenie 

Puppies...available now!!!. Ruby, Rowena, Moose and Squirrel...See where we are headed??? Mamma's name is Mabel and the othe mom Macy Gray.....Mabel is the one with the HUGE ears....Very small Min-Pins boys and Chiweenie girls




Beatrix....Our two year old child bride and Mommy of our newborn Puppy Ginny.  Bea is only 8 pounds and sweet, friendly and just a doll. Puppy Ginny is 9 weeks old and soon will be available for adoption.



Humphrey and Piggle...adorable middle aged Maltese. Piggle lady is about 4 pounds and 10 years old. Humphrey is about 5 pounds and similar age. Both are healthy and love life...Piggles(loves to eat if you let her) and Humphrey are  great companions for anyone!!! Both do great with other pets and people. They do not need to be adopted together but they are fun to watch.  Contact us directly to meet one or both of these wee little love bugs!!  we do not usually take them to




 Lexi....One of the many pups from a overcrowded trailer situation is now in our care and she will soon be available for a forever home. This is Lexi and she is a total sweetheart. Lexi is under 2 years old and about 7 pounds. She is doing great with other pets and all ages of people. She is a very special young lady!!!






Stellie is a fun loving, happy, well behaved and great Chi!!! She is about 3 years old and 6 pounds..What a great dog!!
Stellie will be at the Bressi Ranch event.